About Us

Peter and Diane

Hello! Our names are Peter and Diane Mitchell. We started CarCampingTips.com because we both love to explore and appreciate nature and we wanted to create a place that could be useful to others.

We’re not the most intense campers–we don’t know advanced bushcraft skills by any means. Sometimes those advanced bushcraft skills people can make camping intimidating. It’s from them where you might hear things like: “it’s not camping unless you’re sleeping on the bare earth.” Or, “you’re not really camping if you can drive to your campsite.”

We wanted to take a different approach. While we both have had backpacking experience, we mostly just get the chance to go car camping. we’ve had amazing experiences, so we wanted to make camping more accessible to all, not just to those who are interested in more intense camping.

We started this blog and this YouTube Channel to help others get outside and enjoy camping.

We try to go camping once a month if we can manage it. We just introduced a new baby boy to our family so we have a bit more to handle than we did before.

Our Camping Experience

Monthly Texas Camping

Peter and Diane regularly have awesome experiences camping. Yesterday we just came back from the Guadalupe River State Park. The weather was so hot when we fell asleep that we were on top of our sleeping bags. A cold front came in at about 4:30 AM (Peter happened to be awake for it), and it dropped from low 80s to mid 50s almost instantly. We were prepared, fortunately, and had a great time.

We don’t make it out every month, but we do pretty well. There’s not a ton of backpacking opportunity out here so most of our camping is car camping in Texas.

Backpacking in the High Uinta Mountains

Peter: I grew up going backpacking every Summer in the Uinta mountains. These mountains are remote and rocky. Some trips required hiking over 15 miles a day. Even though some of these trips were the most physically challenging things I have ever done, the feeling of being in nature and the mountains has given me a forever-love for the mountains.

Road Trip to the South Island of New Zealand

Peter: Before me and Diane were married, I had an amazing opportunity to spend 3 weeks in the South Island of New Zealand. I got to camp in some of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. This was the first time I had to survive on non-refrigerated goods for an extended period of time.

One of my favorite camping spots was actually a site where fishermen camped frequently. It was definitely no frills. I decided to take a quick hike to the beach to see the coast.

That was my first time experiencing a pebble beach. Instead of sand, the beach was made up of rounded rocks. It felt different than any other beach I’d been to. I remember seeing some people fishing down the coast, and sitting and enjoying the adventure of the moment.

Road Trip to the North Island of New Zealand:

Diane and Peter: There’s no way Diane would want to miss out on all the fun–so we managed to go back together to the North Island for 2 weeks. We ate much more high quality food while we were camping than when Peter was on his own. Go figure, right?

The sights were incredible. One of the most fantastic sunsets I’d ever seen was when we had pulled up to a campsite that was barred from entry. We called the Park Offices, and they gave us a code that didn’t work to open the gate. Finally, we had to get a code several days old that did work–apparently the park didn’t see a lot of use (the latrine was definitely proof of that).

We were short on time as it was around sunset–we found a very obscure trail that led down to a view of the ocean, and we found this:

It was a great adventure.

Road Trip on the West Coast

Diane and Peter: We got to spend a week travelling from Sacramento, California to Seattle, Washington. We gained a greater appreciation for the incredible beauty of the United States and we absolutely loved seeing the Redwoods again.

Peter’s Career

Unfortunately, people don’t pay me to go camping.

By day I’m an Android Developer, my LinkedIn profile is here.

I love making apps and in fact have a portfolio website here