About Car Camping Tips

Car Camping Tips has content focused on the car camping experience, meaning camping within site of your car. This includes tips about camping gear as well as ways to plan and achieve a positive camping experience. Car Camping Tips also touches on related topics such as hiking, backpacking, and overlanding, to name a few.

Car Camping Tips reaches people through this blog as well as through their YouTube Channel.


is meant to be an approachable and meaningful resource for camping, providing tips and guidance to allow for amazing camping experiences for you and your family.

As we’ve written for our website and done research on the camping topic, we’ve found three things that can make it difficult for people to want to go camping.

First, some make it look like being outdoors requires you to be an expert if you want a “real” camping experience. Best-intentioned people make it seem like you need to be a woodsman, know your knots by heart, and know how to start a fire with only two sticks.

Second, some make it look like you need to buy a lot of expensive camping gear. I’m a huge believer in having fun with what you have and truly understanding your needs before purchasing everything at the outdoor recreation store.

Camping can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re going to be backpacking in remote locations with extreme weather conditions, there’s no way getting around spending a lot of money. But for casual campers, if you only buy what you need and borrow some big ticket items, it can be very affordable. That’s part of our mission is to give you the honest assessment of what’s out there and what your options are.

Third, there’s an overwhelming amount information out there on camping. Some of the most shared information out there are rehashed and packaged up differently a hundred times. Our goal is to give you information that is useful and valuable.


Car Camping Tips was started by Peter and Diane Mitchell, whom you can find more information about here.

We’ve asked for some help from some awesome people who have lots of experience camping.

Autumn and Adam Raven

Kahlia Meeuwsen

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